It’s two am

and I’m still here.

I really should

get my butt in gear.

Time flys

before you know it.

it’s Two am

and my circles show it.

For having no life

I’m a busy bee.

I can’t remember last

 when a friend saw me.

I take drive my mother

I write for my blog

I read other’s poems

I create a log.

I look at the time


where did it go?

Darn I must’ove

been reading slow.

It’s Two Am

I need to sleep

That’s why I’m writing

it’s better than counting sheep.

Okay not really

That was a lie.

When I sleep

I get scared

that I’m soon going to die.

So I keep myself busy

at least in my head

until my sanity

is as thin as a thread.

It’s Two Am

I think I can sleep

up in four hours

I have promises to keep.

Goodnight world

stay beautiful for me

I will see you tomorrow

that’s my promise to thee.

at least for now.