Would you care to come with me?
Can I show you what I see?
follow me.

It’s early morn

clouds cover the sky

they have become my obsession

I think you will see why.

The sun starts peaking

and than it starts to hide.

Because the clouds in the sky

are twenty miles wide.

My mom yells out

“stop taking pictures!

your trying to drive!”

With a guilty grin

I get two more in.

The cancer center we had to go

But their walkway had such a flow!

Walk This Way!

says the little gecko.

We sit and we wait

Than we get called back in,

The pathway to hopefully

good news leads us in.

Frowning now,

we go to leave.

and we stop to admire

the flowers by the tree.

We sit for a while

and take it all in.

At the Pharmacy

We stop and stare

The sight and smell

of  the lavender there

Made us feel without a care.

It’s getting late, and I have a long drive home.

and I get to the valley

that hides my home.

Iwant to thank you

for coming with me

and ask that you remember

to see the beauty.

That the higher power

granted us to see.

Blessed Be.