The poison drips sweetly off my tongue

The dagger is raised

the battle won

The silent scream is in my head

What? you think your dead?

Oh my sweetling, Oh not yet!

The poison seeps through your blood

through the silence through your dread

maniacal laughter reaching out

Oh baby you haven’t seen nothin yet.

I reach behind me and grab my thread

Oh I bind thee

harm me NO More

scared Darling? there’s the f*cking door!

I sew your eyes shut from me

I shut your filthy poison in

No more will it leak out

As you try to shout

I’m growing tired

My patience thin

Beware the harm you try to spew

it will be ripped away from you

Spun around and returned back

so it will stick like glue

This I swear

I promise you!