Sorry I kept you waiting

It’ okay.

I am afraid I have some bad news .

There is no negating


You have a damaged brain

I’m afraid, nothing for you

will be the same.

I see.

What exactly does this mean to me?

We can’t let you work any more

and lots of tests do we have in store

For you.

But, I …

okay so I’ve been ditzy

a time or two

and maybe I passed out a few

are you sure I just don’t have the flu?

But what happened to my high IQ?

This can’t be happening!

I don’t believe You!

Let me tell you

so you understand.

Your still smart

You have a damaged part.

Your brain is a computer

and your hard drive

went bad.

Thinking to hard

will make you

go mad.

The files are scattered all over the place

everything in there got misplaced.

But where do I go from here?

I feel like I am standing on a pier

and I am about to fall.

Being smart is who I am

But what your saying

I do not understand

now I wonder

If I am dream land.

You need to come to terms with this.

Find someone you love

and go get a kiss.

You will find something

that you can do.

But from now on

working is not for you.

Okay thank you doctor

for being frank

I really wish this was a prank.

I will see myself to the door.


So Than My new life began

Of never playing piano by ear


remembering where I put that beer.

Helping the homeless

by giving them rooms.

Or teaching

the abused how to live

with a new tune.

Gone are the days

of my photographic memory

It no longer means a thing to me.

What I have now

is a loving family.

Writing poems

helps me

I write in the hope

that others wont feel so alone.

That maybe, just maybe

it will help someone cope.

I write

about my life

to help others in strife.

It is my hope

that I am doing something right.