Sometimes I wish that time flew by

because I feel like I am going to cry.

Sometimes I wish that Time stood still.

So I could cherish the moment of the whippoorwill.

But I never wish it is how it is

because life is like a sinking shipMaybe I could take a trip?

To escape. Or maybe just meditate.

On all the things that I should take


Should I take the snake?

Or the rainbow?

I feel like it’s all

just one big show


A rainbow is beautiful

but it doesn’t last long


The snake is ugly

but he is strong.


How long he lasts?

I don’t know

but he sure outlasts the rainbow.


Either way

I haven’t won.

I don’t even have a gun


Should I cherish the moment?

Or let it pass by?

All I know is..

I don’t want to cry.




This is another oldie but a goodie from the archives.