Day two.

 (The poem a day challange poems will also be gathered together on my poetry challange page.)



I can’t believe the day I had
It started out
Not half bad.
I set my clambake on my blog
Than went outside
To grab a log

Made a cabinet
Cleaned the floor.
Dropped a brick
And missed the floor.

Foot now burning
I make a shelf
For the closet
That I am turning

That’s when I realized
I must go to the hardware store
Off I went
Happy to the core

I get the things
I did need
Check the mail
N that’s when I peed.

Starting to pull away
A truck screached
And shouted HEY!
I rammed my van
Along the mailbox wall
A grinding echo.
Man that truck had gall

Cleaned up, I settle in
Grab my laptop
To invite people to join in.

I get an email
And it was bad
My account has been frozen
It said I acted like a cad!
I start to cry
Than get mad.
Me? A cad?

I reponded back
With my proof
Armed with truth
I wasn’t going to be aloof.

My laptop says update
I say sure
Better do it
It’s not to late

Reboot! Reboot!
It says to me
Ok I say
But it was moot.

Laptop dead
Account frozen
Messed up van
No foot in my ked.

Tell me, why was I chosen?

April fools day.
Life Said.