(warning, this may contain material unsuited for readers under the age of 18.) 

-This is my Epic Lyrical Poem-

If You ever thought your life has been hell

sit back and enjoy the story I have to tell.

Believe me, I wish it were not all true

But I have come to far to Lie

to me, or to you.


It all started when I was born

To a girl who was forlorn

her parents made her give me away

well, she was too young anyway.


So a family took me home

I was molested before I hit one.

They had a son I still call my brother

it wasn’t long before they had another.

If I cried or peed the bed

in a dark van I stayed

that smelled of lead.


Than one day I was told I was bad

I had to leave the only home I ever had

At the tender age of three

Their employee came

and got me.


She took me home and held me tight.

When I cried I got a nightlight.

Instead of afraid that I did wrong

her and her husband sang me a song.

so I grew up in love and trust

They didn’t beat me when I made a fuss.

on a farm I grew up happy and free

with a lovong family.

But then…

I had a friend since third grade

a better pair couldn’t be made

We rode our bikes and swam in a pool

Little did I know

I would become the fool.


For one day a thought popped in his head

at the time, I wished I was dead.

We were freshman during that year

and when He raped me I called it the year of tears.


Lying beaten and broken on the floor

there was still much he had in store

He and his friends would creep at night

to my window to give me a fright

they would laugh and jeer for hours on end

I felt worse when I found I was pregnant.


I lost the baby on the desert floor

after a treat that they had in store.

I couldn’t tell my Mom nor Dad

growing up, He was the son they never had.


So one night I ran away

To a man who said I could stay.

He was my boyfriend of only three weeks

He took me away to live on the streets.

I DIDN’T like living in SIN

so a month Later I married him.

My parents did not know what to say

They just shook their heads and said okay.


Four months later I lost my twins

and something snapped inside of him.

by that time we had a trailer

he made me think

I was a failure.


Before I knew it

I was his slave

locked in a closet if I didn’t obey.

Drunk and High he hid that from me

though I was to cowed back then to see.


Than one day I was pregnant again

I still had to satisfy his every whim

The day after christmas

he took off for hours

Eight months pregnant I relaxed in the shower

 When He came home I was fast asleep

until the mattress was pulled out from beneath me


He beat me for hours and I made to escape

Lucky is me I was being watched out for that day

For across the street were to cops

who just happened to make a pitstop

They heard me scream

and they came at a run

They grabbed his knife before

he had more fun.


A month later,

my daughter was born

a broken jaw and back I also brought home

I stayed though more beatings, prison and hate

before I realized it wasn’t to late


By that time my other daughter was born

and I swore to keep my children

safe from harm

Five years of hell came to and end.

Or did it my friend?

He swore when I left I would NEVER  be free..


So I escaped while I still could

my parents SAID they understood.

I traveled two states

‘to do it again’

for there was his cousin

“I will protect you, N I won’t do nothin!”


He didn’t drink nor drugs to be had

I thought to myself

“he’s not half bad!”

But my EX got out and followed me

after months of torture

we decided to flee.


Back home to my family

new husband in tow

without someone to fight

 his anger

started to grow


I didn’t know it because he hid it so well

He beat my children till they thought they were in hell.

I only found out late one night

when he came at me with a butcher knife


I grabbed my girls, ran barefoot in the night

five miles till I saw my parents front porch light.

I refused to let things happen again

I saw a judge and started to grin.


For me and my girls

things were starting to go right

though I still locked the doors and

boobytrapped things at night.

My girls started to grow

and I worked at a store


That’s where I found, Mi Amore.

A customer of mine asked me out for a dance.

I never stood a chance.

That poor man has seen me though

my eight death

pulled glass and fibers

out of my chest.

He Loved  my girls

when For years I could not walk

He tells me of memories

that I have Lost.

To this day pain will drive me to bed

He just smiles and rubs my head.


There is so much more I could share with you

of all the times I have died, or just how hard

I have tried.

There is something That I want you to know



                  and well….

You know the rest.