I go to my parents who live 100miles away

on 100 acre farm outta the way

I see spring coming

and I think, ‘ lets walk today.’

Mushrooms growing out of sand

in this seemingly barran wastland.

if you look than you will see…

flowers growing

under the tree.

pansies cuddling a cactus

I think they might need more practice

a magical doorway

I want to explore

buts there is too much to see

so much in store.

 a cave

 yucca in bloom…

spring is MIGHTY

I step in tune

to music only I can hear.

I crow in delight!

a 100 acre playground

just full of beautiful sights!

A gecko peaking

out into the sun.

until fog rolls in and ruins our fun!

But after all

spring has arrived

filling the world with color

and Natures delights!

Blessed Be!

I took all these with my handy dandy Phone!

Gotta love it!