(  I pulled this out of my old poetry book, ‘Tangled Lies,Soft Sighs & Alibies” in homage to my daughter who is far from home, but is close to my heart.)

 Just because I left

don’t mean I don’t love you

 Just because I left

it doesn’t mean i don’t care

 Just because I left

don’t mean

I’m not your little girl anymore.

I need my mommy

I need My dad

 Just because I left

it don’t mean I’m not sad.

We all have dreams we want to follow

We all have things we want to share

When I wake from bad dreams

I still want you there.

I wanted to stay

I needed to go

What was I supposed to do?

I don’t know.

I left..

But I love you so.

Please don’t get angry

Please dont be sad

I’m still your little girl

and I need my mom and dad.

I love you both

till the end of time.