(i was told that I needed to share this, tho the content cuts deep. So here I am baring all)

         What do you do?

What do you do
When your child is blue?
What do you say,
When they tell you,
” Mom its okay.

I stopped depending
on you years ago.
Mom don’t cry.
I will take this slow…

Me & my sister
Took care of you
You were asleep
When I had the flu.

She held my hand
And hugged me tight,
When I had nightmares
In the night.

I don’t blame you!

What could you do?
You couldn’t even get
Out of bed!
You didn’t even have
Use of your legs!

Mom, you asked me why.
Yes of course I see you try.
Dont you see?
It’s to late.
Now it’s your turn
To wait.

You are always sick,
Trying not to feel blue.
Don’t you know,
I hate this too?

But I’m almost grown now,
I’m about to leave.
You can’t mother me now,
Even tho your heart
Is on your sleeve.

Please Mom,
Do not cry.
Because of you,
I dont need to try,
To live on my own,
Because the years
Have already shown,
   That I can.

I love you mom.
I will miss you
when I go.
It’s just you wern’t
There for me,
As I had to grow”

   What do you do
When its almost to late?
What do you say
When they tell you it’s fate?

What do you do?


(My eldest wrote a beautiful n touching response to this, n gave her permission to share it with all of you. It will warm even the coldest heart.)

Blessed be my friends