Upon reading reading my poem my girl who is off at unversity send the following;
( posted with her permission)

It was hard when I was a kid. I don’t blame you but taking care of ourselves did help it so now that we’re older we can leave without worrying. 
I know it was hard on you thinking that you weren’t being a good mom.
But as a mom aren’t you supposed to make it so we can leave home comfortably?
It may not have been perfect but I realized a while ago that you’re better then every other mom. You may not have been able to walk or take care of us when We were sick.
But you love us. And you encourage us to do what we love. Most moms aren’t like that.
My sister just needs to realize that it really wasn’t your fault and even though things were sucky you still loved us.
I love you mom.

I guess what we do, is just hold on, & continue to love.

Blessed be my friends