An accident left me full of glass
People would stare as I went past.
Massive scars covered my skin
I wad so afraid to let anyone in

Than one day my brother came to stay.
Haha like I even had a word to say.
With himself he brought a thing
Something that hurts and make skin sting.
He brought a tattoo machine.

I watched as he used it well.

I watched him as he designed to sell.

I watched as he cleaned and pricked,
With that needle,
That tattoo stick.

Than one day he had to leave
A thought started forming
up my sleave.
For there sitting in front of me
Was that little tiny machine.

I grabbed an orange and started to practice.
Thsn I grabbed my knee,
OW, it felt like cactus.

But now…
As I go outside,
I no longer fear or hide.
For on that horrid skin of mine,
Grows a beautiful, exotic vine.

So go ahead!
Stop and stare.
But this time,
I dont have a care

Because if you look
And if you see,
Now its just me
Of  course my scars are still there..
But now…


Blessed be my friends