There is this voice
That haunts my soul.
It’s something that,
I cant control.

When I hear it,
I want to cry.
I bet you want
To know why..

I was driving
Home one day,
Singing to music
Along the way.

What happened next
I cant excatly say.
All I know is,
I was floating away…

Light surrounded,
Pulling me under.
The noise around me
Sounded like thunder.

I was drowning.
Try as I might
I couldnt fight
The white and noise

Than somehow
Through the pounding,
I hear a calling.
But it was a whisper,
And I was still drowning.

I remember trying
So hard to find the means.
It was too far away and,
I was being torn at the seems.

Than like a latter
Falling fast through the night
The voice grabbed me,
And held me tight.

Calling me back
Making me fight.
Pulling me through,
The harsh bright white.

I clung to that voice
With all of my might.
Until he pulled me
Back from the light.

Without that voice,
I would still be dead.
Maybe thats why,
I still hear it
In my head.

Thank you isnt enough
For me.
For pulling me out,
And helping me
To still BE.


Blessed be my friends