Spring is coming
it’s in the air
the time for rejoicing
will soon be here

flowers blooming,
birds in flight
the crickets chirping
all through the night.

god and goddess weave their spell
renew the cycle
for all to tell.

Days of old
days of new
nights were cold
days were few

The sun is reborn
days are renewed
warmth returned
to give us its dew

sunlight glistens
in the trees so fair
smell the huneyed scents
in the dappled air

It is time to sow
for it is time to grow
learn new things
and all they shall bring

renew our faith
in a ring full of light
the quitus time ending
we look to a destiny bright.

unfolding so bright
in the center of the light
life so new
sky so blue

ever again
it is spring
joy to us
it will always bring
never to be tamed
once again spring has came


Blessed be my friends