Sometimes it rains
and I am glad
because it fills me up
so I don’t feel sad

Sometimes I laugh
just because.
It brightens up others
so I’m a little daft.

Sometimes I’m so Lonely
that i’m broken inside
I feel like i’m the only…
So I go hide.

Sometimes i hide
behind the moon
only to be found
oh so soon.

Sometimes i look
to the dark side,
embrace the other part
the other side of my heart.

Sometimes I’m Lost
others I’m found.
All you have to do
is turn around.

Sometimes I dream
Of seas far away
kneeling by an alter
near a mountain stream

Sometimes i forget myself
loose myself to myself. disappear in a dream
life isn’t always what it seems

Sometimes life is an embrace the smile of your lovers face
calling powers
from whence they came

Sometimes I walk
forever alone.
I do not have a place
to call home.

Sometimes I’m grounded
In the life that i lead
facing the future
isn’t as bad as it sometimes sounded to you or to me.

Sometimes my powers
are mighty and stong.
things go together
like the perfect song.

Sometimes i feel with my heart reaching out beyond the sunset as far as you will let
praying for a start

what can I say


Blessed be my friends