It is night,
the moon and stars are glowing bright.
Inside a circle,
of candle and stone;
two people are there alone.

Flesh to flesh, soul to soul Embrace of things unseen Remembering things past lives stole and what is yet to have been.

god and goddess
blessed in the circle
they do meet.
Loves lost
and to be confessed
the new world
opens at their feet

Earth, Air, Fire, Water The goddess and her daughter The god and his son The world around them as they…become one

Past, present,
future collide
all fears for now set aside

The Fey delight
in the power
as they dance
around the altar

Watching the two
become one
Hoping the two
do not falter.

The North fires
are burning
all is filled with a yearning.

Upon the altar he places her spread to the gods he embraces her
The scent of love fills the air cascading energy flows everywhere

The scent of love fills the air cascading energy flows everywhere.

Spirits, fey, and wisps
rejoice as he touches her lips

They seal their fate with a kiss on this night they do create a moment of bliss

Despite all the odds against the fire, only time will tell their test of valore.

The magic flows through them as the primordial urges flare creating within them not a care

Kneeling together
in a moment that will last forever,
the sweat dries on their flesh and nature is restored by the power of a lovers caress.

Ash to ash
Dust to dust,
Perfect love
Perfect trust

spirits dance
cereating circumstance
lovers satiated
and a new world is created

Blessed be my friends